Graphing Beyond Excel…

As data continues to be collected and technology continues to increase our ability to collect much much more of it…potentially a yotta of it (1e24); our ability to read, understand and make meaning from the data becomes increasingly important!

There is a new speaker series offered this year called UM DEV- Data Exploration through Visualization at University of Michigan, and after attending the first lecture last week I learned of this neat tool called ViVa that can be used for interactive visualization and visual data analysis.

It was created at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Laboratory, by the Exploratory Visualization Group managed by Bernice Rogowitz, who was the speaker at the seminar. And the best part is that the software is open source on Source Forge! So I thought it may be something useful to share here and be utilized in our class assignments.


Download here

She also mentioned another software called Tableau, that is useful for data analytics and visualizations, but it comes at a price, however there is a free trial that we could use, but I am not sure how long it lasts.

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