Middleware in the Wine Industry

The wine industry is a worldwide network, supplying people with a variety of wines from California to France to Italy to New Zealand. To enjoy a glass of Burgundy wine from eastern France in Michigan, it requires an infrastructure to ship and distribute the wine into consumer’s hands.

The infrastructure in the wine industry starts at a vineyard where the grapes are grown, harvest, and ferment to make the wine. The wine maker sells and ships the wine to a distributor, which then sells to restaurants and shops for customers to enjoy.

The bottom layer would be the vineyard and the wine making process.

The top layer entails the consumer who purchases the finished bottle of wine at a restaurant or shop.

The middleware in this infrastructure consists the distributor that connects the two together. The vineyard ships the cases of wine by using a shipping company (usually by ship or truck) to a distributor. The distributor receives the shipment and sells the wine to local restaurants and shops, in which are in business with the distributor. The distributor also has sales representatives to gain more businesses to purchase their wine supply from them. Once the restaurants and shops purchase their wine, the distributor then sends drivers to transport the cases of wine to the businesses.  As a result, the consumer would travel to their local restaurant or wine shop to purchase a fine bottle of wine to enjoy with their dinner.

The main middleware is the distributor, but there are smaller middleware in between the vineyard and distributor, and the distributor to the businesses. The shipping companies and drivers that transport the wine from one location to another connect the larger links together.

Without the middleware, the international wine industry would not be able to support the network. Vineyards in Spain would only deal business with regional restaurants and shops, and not with the wine shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The middleware expands and supports the infrastructure to be able to reach high percentage of wine enthusiasts.

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1 Response to Middleware in the Wine Industry

  1. jayraina says:

    Interesting post. I like at the end how you talked about middleware in general and how it not only bridges the top and bottom layers, but also expands the system as a whole.

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