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Middlewares of an Academic Institution

The education system plays a large role in many peoples lives. It has been around for a very long time and is now one of the necessities of functioning human society. To be privileged in being a part of it … Continue reading

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Middleware in the health infrastructure

The infrastructure of the health system is comprised of both physical and knowledge-based components. The physical components include hospitals, schools, research facilities, medical equipment, and doctors. The knowledge component deals with the teaching of students, research, and education of patients. … Continue reading

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‘Middleware’ in the Recycling Process

The practice of recycling materials within a system in order to conserve resources is not governed by one group, but maintained by a diverse, worldwide network. Recycling is becoming more and more important because it saves energy, keeps the environment … Continue reading

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“Those Unconscionable Maps”

Maps have always been indispensable references materials.  Commerce, science and personal transportation would be irrevocably more difficult without them.  Though we take it as a given now that we can plug in our destination’s address and will be shepherded there by a … Continue reading

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Infrastructure of the National Football League

Middleware in the NFL Professional sporting leagues expand worldwide and generate billions of dollars a year.  Fanatic fan bases can be found across the world and for many individuals, cities, and countries a sport’s team can generate a sense of … Continue reading

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Middleware of a Library

Due to my interest in libraries I decided to apply this week’s blog post about middleware to such an institution. In a library infrastructure, the bottom level component or “application program” would be the various media items that a library … Continue reading

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Infrastructure of the automotive industry

The automotive industry has traditionally been highly important to the global economy both in terms of the goods that it provides and the jobs that it allows for. It directly contributed 3.6 percent to the GDP of the United States … Continue reading

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