Processing Lab: Fish Tank

by Morris Blaustein and Maddie Goforth

Our processing project is the inside of the aquarium. It consists of two fish, an underwater background and food to feed the fish. We wanted to do an aquarium because we thought it could be something that is was fun visually and interactively. We use mouse and key controls to make fish and food interact with the user and with each other.

First, we have two fish that move around the screen. We designed the program to act like a chase so the big green fish chases the small blue fish. Once the small blue fish gets “caught” the two fish hang out and swim together. The user can make the blue fish disappear by pressing the x-key and then reappear by pressing the key again. This function can be used after the big green fish has caught the little blue fish to split them up a bit; once the little fish reappears the chase resumes again.

Second, we have an option to feed the fish. This is done by using the mouse. Whenever the user clicks on the screen they drop a pile of food for the fish. Only one pile can be on the screen at a time so if the user clicks the mouse again the food changes location.

The fish and the food interact by having the little blue fish eat the food. The little blue fish is programmed to chase the food. Therefore, literally the whole program is a chase: the big green fish chases the little blue fish, who chases the food. When the face of the little blue fish collides with the food, the food disappears because it was  “eaten.”

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