Processing Lab: Rocket Launch

By: Kyle McMeekin and Sarah Huston

For our processing lab project we decided to make a game called Rocket Launch.  We were inspired by the bouncing balls example found in Processing and from this we sought out to design a game where the user must avoid these balls.  Since our setting was in outer space we changed the color of the balls to be similar to that of stars.  We also ended up implementing functionality in our code that allowed us move a rocket (via the cursor position) around the screen.  We did run into some challenges throughout out construction of the game such as generating a collision function.  It was difficult to generate a function that could not only keep track of the rocket’s position but also keep track of every single ball in the game.  We had 15 different balls at any given time and thus this made it difficult to track their position relative to the rocket’s.  However we do believe with more time we would be able to implement this feature.  Overall it was an enlightening experience to design Rocket Launch and there was certainly a rewarding feeling after we completed the assignment. Image

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