Processing Lab: Fire Mapping

By: Sharon Lee & Ben Levy

For our processing project, we made a simple activity that consists of containing fire within walls. Once the fire is contained, it will build up and the temperature will get higher and higher. As the temperature gets hotter, the color of the fire changes from yellow to red to blue. Mousing over any part of the fire gives you the temperature at that point in the black sidebar on the right. When the project first loads, there is a shooting star that appears in the upper left that goes across the screen and breaks through the window-like walls. Besides these presets, the user can press three buttons: “Make Fire”, “Make Wall”, and “Reset”. “Make Fire” lets you input fire anywhere you click your mouse. “Make Wall” creates a wall that contains any fire in it. “Reset” completely resets the whole project from the beginning.

We were motivated to create this based on an example where a line followed the cursor.

One of the challenges we had was in the “Make Walls” function. We could not get the mouse to create a straight line but instead we had dotted lines. The “wall” was still created, but it becomes almost invisible because we could not get the line to show up.

In the screenshot below, the wall is vertically placed on the right. The shooting star is the blue shooting star in the bottom half. In the window, fire is building up in the lower right section, so the fire temperature there will be extremely high.


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