Processing Lab: OSU vs. UM Football Game

By: Alex Serafimovski and Desmond Kolean-Burley

Initially, our goal for the processing lab consisted of constructing a maze and having the user navigate a ball through the maze; however, we struggled with creating constraining lines that did not span the entire canvas. A sketch of a spiral that changed colors inspired us to create a block-M that emitted various shades of blue and yellow. After creating this sketch, we combined the block-M with bouncing balls, which ultimately, spurred the idea to create a bouncing football on a football field that resembled the Big House with our flashing block-M in the middle. We used a mouse-press to allow each user to throw the football. In order to make our sketch more interactive, we decided to allow users to move one ball each using the keyboard (arrow keys and w,a,s,d keys) and to allow the football to bounce off of each player’s ball. Then, we implemented a scoreboard that added a score of 7 points each time the football crossed the opposing player’s goal line. At 35 points, using AudioPlayer, the UM fight song plays when Michigan wins, displaying the victor’s name on the bottom of the screen as well, and the user can press the ‘r’ key to restart the game.

Overall, this project was a fun and enjoyable experience of dabbling in a new language. Because this language is so vision-centric, it was easy to understand the functions and how they interact with one another, and it was very rewarding when things worked properly.

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