Processing Lab: “Find the Animals”

Our mini program is called “Find All of the Animals!” The main idea of our program is to move around the cursor, to find all eight of the animals. They are placed on different areas of the board, but the hard part is that the board is covered all over in a black background. The cursor consists of two components; the eyes and a light. The cursor is used to illuminate the dark background so that the user can reveal the 8 animals underneath. The eyes and the light are both components that move wherever the cursor moves. Since the light moves with the eyes, it allows the user to see where he is placing the eyes. The animal images are tailored so that the user can perfectly fit the eyes onto each animal.

Most of the code is inspired from the code of the “Brightness” and “Follow1” example that are available on the site. The program is 600 by 346 pixels. There are two external files that are a part of the program, which is the animals and the board, and the eyes. The code loads the animals on the board as the background, and then the eyes as the cursor. The background of the board and the eye images were both taken from Google searches.

We tried to add other elements to the program, such as the ability to leave a copy of the eyes with mouse click, and putting on a timer to see how long it took for a user to find all eight animals. However, we were unable to do this and was left with this program.

Here is a picture of what the program looks like to the user.

Here is the board without the black background covering it.

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