How much storage do I need?

I recently came across this article called:  How much storage do I really need on my smartphone?  I found the article on CNET and the title reminded me of some of the calculations we did in class, so I opened it and read the article.  Turns out this was an article on “Ask Maggie” which I guess is kind of like a “Dear Abby” for technology related problems. 

A reader had written in asking Maggie whether 16 GB of storage would be enough for his smartphone, or if he really needed to get the 32 GB model.  Maggie’s response was basically the more storage, the better.  She said the 32 GB model would be better, but to check if there were options for more external memory for later expansion.

I was disappointed in this article, particularly in Maggie’s response to the reader’s question.   She mentioned using phones to listen to music and watch movies, but she gave no numbers about how much would fit on the phone—16GB or 32GB.  Maybe it was not meant to be an extremely technical article, but I still feel like some number would have been helpful to the reader in making his decision and would have provided more solid evidence for her argument.

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2 Responses to How much storage do I need?

  1. mfrohman says:

    Although I already own a smartphone (with 16 GB of storage), I would have valued a response similar to what Casey wanted in that now that I have owned my smartphone for about 14 months, I am having storage space issues. While I am aware of some of the causes of my lack of storage availability, I would be interested to know what other elements on my phone are using up significant amounts of storage space. I currently have 2000+ photos, which I know is the major element of my phone that is cutting into my storage space, but I would like to know if perhaps I should delete some songs from my phone, or erase a few apps that I don’t use that often. I would do this depending on which elements use up more space.

    It is quite frustrating not having enough storage space to do things such as update my apps, so I am continually deleting pictures, as I am not sure what else will help free up the storage. Perhaps I should write in to “Ask Maggie”!

  2. jayraina says:

    My opinion on storage for laptops and phones is that there really is no ‘set’ number – and we’ll constantly fill up the space we have and ‘want’ more.
    As hard drives and memory in phone’s get to be more and more, we find ways of using it. For example, we’ll stop deleting those extra applications, or music, or videos, or photos. However, do we really need 10,000 photos on our phone, or 15,000 songs, or hours and hours of videos? The truthful answer is no, but if we have the capacity to, why not?

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