Quotes from Today’s Digital Leaders

On Twitter today I came across than article on mashable.com sharing “7 Unforgettable Quotes From Today’s Digital Leaders”. I thought they were interesting because they capture how technology is changing the world. The quotes are as follows:

1. “Eventually it won’t be social media, it’ll just be media.” – Anthony De Rosa, Social Media Editor for Reuters

2. “Technology can radically transform your business no matter what it is.” – Christy Tanner, Executive VIce President and General manager of TVGuide.com & TV Guide Mobile

3. “The Internet can go either way. It can encapsulate us in a little bubble or our narrow interests, or it can connect us to new people and ways of thinking.” – Eli Pariser, CEO of Upworthy

4. “…we are in a stage of transition, where human interpersonal networks are going to substitute or supplement commercial broadcast networks.” – Faris Yakob, Chief Innovation Officer at MDC Partners

5. “As tech continues to change, the soul of man continues to stay the same.” – Tor Myhren, President and Chief Creative Officer of Grey 

6. “Embrace and do not resist sharing our personal lives.” – Brian Stelter, Media Reporter of the New York Times and blogger of MediaDecoder

7. “Social is most magical when it’s live, when it’s real time.” – Alex Iskold, Founder & CEo of GetGlue

I would love to get feedback from the rest of you on whether you agree with these quotes or not. Personally I believe I agree with all of them though I did go back and forth for a while on the fifth and sixth quote.

For number five I originally thought that with how larger of impact technology is having on our lives there is no way that “the soul of man” can stay the same. However, rethinking about it I began to think about how much progress we have had since the beginning of mankind (technology and non-technology progress) and it seems that through that progress the soul of man has seemed to stay for the most part the same. 

As for number six I am still debating. Part of me says, yes it is important to share our personal lives with others in order to create communities of shared experiences, lessen stereotypes and stigmata, etc. At the same time if we are thinking of sharing our personal lives through technology/online as I believe the quote was intended then part of me is still hesitant to share anything too personal because you never know who can get a hold of the information. 

What are your thoughts?

Also here the link to where I found these quotes: http://mashable.com/2012/11/12/media-summit-quotes/#101085Alex-Iskold-Founder–CEO-GetGlue

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2 Responses to Quotes from Today’s Digital Leaders

  1. kmcmeek says:

    I think these quotes are spot on. I also think they offer different perspectives from a variety of different fields, ranging from Executives from TV Guide to online bloggers. My favorite quote has to be the first one. Personally, I find out much of my news from social media sites. This includes, but isn’t limited to, articles, real-time updates, etc. Over the next few years, I can see how more and more individuals will retrieve their news from social media sites.

  2. maddiegogo says:

    Definitely agree that many people find out news from social media these days. When the CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, gave his talk a couple of weeks ago he interesting mentioned that twitter is changing news because it is reporting from the inside out, as opposed to anchors, newspapers, etc. who report from the outside looking in. I think this idea of reporting from the inside out can be applied to all social media and not just twitter.

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