DTE’s Middleware Infrastructure

Sterling C. Sherman

Honors 352

October 4, 2012

DTE’s Middleware Infrastructure

Middleware usually seen as the “glue” between software components or between software and the network or it is the slash in Client/Server, as stated by middleware.org. With this in mind we now see that our physical world is now imitating the digital/computer world. There are networks that are very complex connections that make up the infrastructures that exist in our world.  Things like the transportation, water and sewage, and social media have transformed our world into what it is today. However one of the infrastructures that have led the way for these infrastructures to exist is the electrical industry.

Harnessing electricity has allowed the existence of automobiles, computers, and the water cleansing system. Electric plants are the top layers in the electrical industry because this is where it is cultivated. Whether it is done by wind power, water, solar power, coal burning, or nuclear power, the plants are where the core work is done in providing electricity to us citizens. The lower layers are the power lines and meters at our houses, and in our communities. One of the ways that electric companies such as DTE connect themselves to us the customers, is through their “middleware” which is their technicians and their tools, and the service they provide in maintaining and setting up electrical lines, and checking energy levels.

The standards used to do these types of services are “Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Directors” as well as all other employees who work for DTE. This allows the public to report any ethical issues that any person or persons who work for the company to be held accountable. In addition, the standard on the ways electricity is received is evolving. In the past few years DTE and the City government have worked together to make sure that the light bulbs being used are up the energy efficient ones. In addition, the check any fire hazards in the house, and to make sure that the latest wall outlets are being used so that there is a ground plug for electrical appliances.

To conclude, middleware is very important in both the digital/computer world, as well as the physical world. It truly is what binds or glues together the different aspects of our society and the infrastructures that are used daily. Even more so, without middleware in one infrastructure, it would have a domino effect on other infrastructures that are interdependent on them.

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