Data Visualization

I came across this interesting website/article the other day that displayed 50 Great Examples of Data Visualization:

Data Visualization seems to be an up and coming area, as are most data related areas, because the amount of the data in the world is only increase. Data Visualization in specific interests me because it is an important aspect of making data accessible to everyone. While the raw numbers of both data and data analysis may be available to everyone, it is not always understandable. Visualizing the data is a way to help make it understandable. It is almost like a way of connecting those more number-oriented people with the more visual-oriented people.

The site above gives many great examples. One of my favorites is this visualization of worldwide tweeting. I have to make sure I don’t try to use it until my finals are over. Do you have any great examples of data visualization or any favorites from this site?


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1 Response to Data Visualization

  1. clairejwiggins says:

    After looking through some of the examples on the link you provided, I must agree, I will have to wait until after finals to explore them fully! To me, these really showcase the importance of connectivity, how “no one [piece of data] is an island”, if you will. They are really useful, for example I have used a service similar to the ones described in order to find new music that is similar to music that I already listen to. The maps that attempt to create an image of the entire internet are really beautiful and kind of mind-blowing. Most of the examples are beautiful, actually. It is hard to say at this point how functional some of them are, but at the least, they give a visual impression of what data looks like.

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