Happy 20th Birthday, Texting!

As I learned from Twitter today, apparently texting is now 20 years old. This infographic explains the history of texting. As I was reading this I was trying to think of my first texting experience, but I am not sure I can. Can anyone remember theirs?



If it’s a bit small you can view it here!

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4 Responses to Happy 20th Birthday, Texting!

  1. hustonsa says:

    ya know, now that you mention it, no, I can’t. I do however recall the evolution of texting. From texting on a flip phone with the ability to use t9 to type faster, to physical keyboards, to the touch screen phones, it is definitely come a long way. Heck, now, we can even send pics and videos via text message. I have a friend who still doesn’t have texting (she did find a texting app to use) but throughout college, I have been (half?) jokingly telling her it is just so hard to get ahold of her without texting, and to get with the times.

  2. caseylynn122 says:

    I actually did not have a texting plan until my senior year of high school! I remember the first time I ever sent a text was because an old friend I hadn’t seen in about four years noticed from Facebook that we were going to be at the same concert, so she texted me and we ended up finding each other there.

  3. caprince11 says:

    I wonder if we will still be texting in another 20 years?
    Will it one day become the “old fashion” way to communicate and our generation will be reluctant to change…

  4. julianami says:

    I didn’t have a texting plan until I was in college, actually! It’s weird, because I know middle-schoolers who are using upwards of 20,000 texts/month. However, looking at my own texts now, I can see that a lot of them don’t actually have much content. For example, one of texts just says “k” and another one says “yup”. I’ve noticed though, that younger people are using texts to send lengthy messages about their feelings and to have “deep” conversations… which seems strange to me. My friends and I generally use texting to communicate a meeting time/place, but never to talk about anything serious. I do remember being so jealous of my friends who had texting in high school though! Although I also feel that over time, texting may become extinct and instead, replaced with more functional messenger apps that use data instead!

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