Thought on Meredith Kahn’s discussion

This discussion gave me a lot of food for thought regarding the future of publishing and the publishing industry. I found the discussion of self publishing to be particularly interesting. I had previously heard some of the stories about self publishing but I wasn’t, until that point, aware of who used it and how it worked. From what I gathered, it seems that self publishing websites provide an interesting means for people to publish books that are too far outside of the mainstream to be picked up by established publishing houses. I also wonder if self publishing could become more important in the future. It seems to me that, as technology improves and publishing houses become increasingly obsolete, self publishing could easily become more commonplace and well known. Perhaps eventually, more mainstream novels, such as modern literary fiction, could be successfully self published. Obviously people are creatures of habit and many people are used to the way that the publishing industry is run, but I could certainly see a form of self publishing slowly growing to displace publishing houses over time, especially as book stores become displaced by online vendors and paper books become become displaced by their virtual counterparts. I was also surprised to hear about the way that academic publishing is being conducted. I didn’t really know anything about academic publishing and I was surprised to learn just how inefficient the system was. It was also interesting to me how the inefficiency in the system was the vestige of a different era when publishing houses were more integral to the process. It seems to me that the system is due for a major upheaval and that academic publishing houses will eventually have to redefine their role in the process in order to avoid becoming obsolete.

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3 Responses to Thought on Meredith Kahn’s discussion

  1. clairejwiggins says:

    I agree that the publishing industry seems to be at a turning point right now. Will self-publishing become more mainstream? Will professional journal articles become more open-access? To me, the whole flow of money seems to be the source of all of the problems, because if everyone got paid for their work, then obviously everyone would be pretty content. I remember discussing this a little bit at the beginning of term, when we were discussing article publishing issues. What do you think could be a possible solution to this problem? Should the government spend more tax money on supporting academia in order to provide more access to journal findings?

  2. jayraina says:

    I understand why you’re saying publishing houses may become obsolete as technology advances. However, I personally don’t think this will be the case. Looking at most professional sports may highlight the reason why authors need publishing houses.

    Even as technology becomes more advanced, and people are able to reach wider audiences faster, professional athletes still need agents to showcase their talents and provide them with guidance and insight. The big agents in professional sports continue to be reached out to when sports organizations are looking for talents. This is the role that publishing houses will play in the future.

  3. cyberprofgus says:

    I think jay’s point is a good one. Publishers will continue to serve as agents and effective curators of increasingly specific collections.

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