Big Data in Higher Education

I came across this infographic about Big Data in higher education today.  I thought it was really interesting and fits well with the topics we discussed in class, so I figured I’d share it on our blog!

One thing that I found particularly intriguing about the graphic is at the bottom when it lists the pros and cons of using big data to help students generate schedules.  It says that students might be directed to less challenging classes.  This reminded me of our discussion about software that could help students meet the necessary requirements for their degree while maximizing their GPA.

Infographic about Big Data in higher education

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3 Responses to Big Data in Higher Education

  1. caprince11 says:

    Casey, first off I love the infographics, I actually didn’t know about the site before. They make information much more fun to run, and I like the graphic design involved in producing them.

    This one on big data at universities and colleges is pretty interesting as far as the technology and in the sense of ethics. A lot of my college experience has been shaped by resources, going to a math science major fair, and discovering informatics, then talking to students in my first coding class about other courses and learning from there what I may be interested in taking after lots of searching through LSA course guide. This is also a parallel for extra experiences, hearing about the GIEU study abroad program at a fair, and cultural shows on the diag…I sometimes wonder how much I miss that goes on here that I would have wanted to be a part of…

    I really like that this Big Data would expose me to more opportunities and classes available I may have overlooked, or not been interested in from the name, even if in reality the material would have been fitting.

    But I don’t know if I would feel comfortable taking my full “recommended” path by a data bot. It’s like the advertisements on the side of my browser, sometimes I resent that they only show me what I like, THAT I already know I like, I would rather discover something new!

  2. maddiegogo says:

    “ASU has a facebook app that mines student profiles to recommend friends with similar interests.” That is taking the creepiness of Facebook to a whole new level!

  3. mfrohman says:

    This is a cool graphic- it reminds me of my internship this past summer. I worked for a start-up company in higher education called 2U (previously known as 2tor). I was a part of the analytics team in which we dealt with Big Data. 2U acted as an interface for putting top 25 universities’ programs online. In other words, students are able to take classes online, with the help of 2U’s technology platform, from anywhere in the world. Some of the schools 2U partners with are Georgetown University and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Students apply to the schools through 2U and 2U tracks the student’s acceptance rates. Some of the projects that I worked on involved predictive models in which we analyzed the acceptance rates based on each student’s demographics. So, by grouping students based on their demographics as well as whether they were accepted into a specific institution or not, we were able to inform the marketing team at 2U which audiences they should target more to and how. The first section describing “What is Big Data?” generalizes the work that I did this past summer very well.

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