Data to Information Infographic

I’ve been on a little bit of an infographic kick today (yes, I know I just posted one about big data on here). I use infographics on a website for middle school age girls to explain some topics in STEM, so I end up spending some time on the website which actually has a fairly extensive collection of interesting graphics.

Anyways, I saw this one on the site and I thought it was a really unique metaphor for the process of getting from data to information and information visualization using pictures of legos. I’d seen a similar graphic about baking a cake, but I think the legos are a neat way of presenting the concept!

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5 Responses to Data to Information Infographic

  1. hustonsa says:

    This is an interesting graphic, yet so relatable for us all as we progress through our term projects.

  2. maddiegogo says:

    Such a simple infographic but presented in a very meaningful that a wide variety or people could understand.

  3. kmcmeek says:

    Great graphic that is very applicable to the RMP project. We all had to sort through a bunch of data and organize it in a fashion that would help us with our analysis.

    I have never heard of the site before but after spending some time browsing through the infographics, I found an interesting one on speeding. It is attached below.

  4. mfrohman says:

    I agree with Casey- I think this is an awesome graphic representation of data being converted to information. Although all of us are obviously knowledgeable on the topics of data and information, I personally had never really visualized the conversion process in this way. Now that I am seeing it, though, it makes perfect sense. There is so much unorganized data out there, that we have to gather and then sort and organize into a way that we can work with. After we have that, we then must present in a visually appealing way for both ourselves and others.

    I can also picture the “baking a cake” graphic and think that is also an interesting way to present the process. Baking a cake starts with compiling all the ingredients and then organizing them by measuring out how much is needed from each. The final outcome is (hopefully) a beautiful looking cake.

    • cyberprofgus says:

      Yum… Great idea. In France, making croissant would be a good choice. A few imple ingredients are involved, but it’s all about quality and process (ie understanding the input data and writing careful code).

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