Google…. Getting Kicked Off Ain’t So Bad

The iPhone 5 is out now and apple fans everywhere will be purchasing it. And talk about great timing because it is Christmas season, where Americans as a culture go and spend money on gifts for their loved ones. However, reported that before the iPhone 5 debuted, Apple also released its update to its mobile OS, iOS 6. With this update Google Maps app was not compatible with the iPhone anymore, and was replaced with Apples own version of a Map app. However, this new Apple Map app does not function well. Fortunately for iPhone customers the Google Map app will be back in an updated version that is compatible with the new iOS. This means iPhone users can download a similar version of Google Maps all over again. In fact, this version will also be able to be used as a GPS. In addition, this time around Google can make more money because of being able to add business ads in the app. This is also true for the Youtube Video app. While Apple fixes the bugs on its Map app Google will be cashing in on theirs. Getting Kicked out ain’t so bad after all.

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4 Responses to Google…. Getting Kicked Off Ain’t So Bad

  1. maddiegogo says:

    I am unfamiliar but what how is the relationship between Google and Apple? Do you they generally try to work with one another or are they competitive? If they are competitive, Apple made a large mistake by not being compatible with Google due to the volume of people that use Google services. Good thing it is getting fixed. Looks like it turned out better for Google in the end.

  2. kmcmeek says:

    There was tons of backlash when Apple released their new version of Maps. Many people claimed they directions were simply wrong and/or there were faster ways to get to where they needed to go. In fact, the critics were so harsh that Apple wanted Scott Forstall, the former mobile software overseer, to apologize for the poor quality of the application. However instead of apologizing, Mr. Forstall resigned. I have attached an article from the WSJ that explains the situation further. In regards to Maddie’s comment, I would also say that there is definitely a fierce competition between Google and Apple. Google is the backbone of the Android phone’s and market whereas Apple sells the iPhone and other IOS devices. It will be interesting to see who will come out on top further down the road!

  3. aserafim says:

    The reasons Apple is kicking out Google is because Apple doesn’t want to be dependent on other companies to provide services for their consumers. By having their own services and software, Apple can control the service and provide fixes instead of waiting on Google. Also, Apple doesn’t want to help Google because of competition (Android vs iPhone). Apple wants their customers to have the full Apple experience. People will complain at first because they hate change, but after a while they will forget about it and move on. Apple Maps is still very new whereas Google worked on Google Maps for several years, so of course Google Maps is better than Apple Maps. If people prefer Google apps, then there are Android phones available, but if you don’t want an Android, then stop complaining.

  4. jayraina says:

    I think you brought up a great point – but it’s not only to Google’s advantages, it’s to ours as well. Using the non-native version of YouTube on my iPhone, I’ve started seeing advertisements come up before I watch videos, and was wondering why they didn’t show up before. Looking into it, Google’s contract with Apple didn’t allow them to have ads on their native iPhone Youtube application. However, now that Google built it’s own app, it can start putting up ads.

    What does this mean to us? Before, 1000s and 1000s of Youtube videos were unavailable to us – as the videos had ads ‘attached’ to them. However, no that YouTube can start showing ads on the iPhone, these videos have become available to us.

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