The emergence of the ‘Industrial Internet’

People have predicted a time when computers, people, and data would all work together to do the things that each of these three aspects used to do individually. The combination of these three resources would make the sharing of information and solving problems more effective and efficient than ever before. That time is here now and it is called the Industrial Internet.

Our technology is at its most advanced stage than it has ever been, people are more knowledgeable, and we have more information, or Big Data. The quantity and quality of these aspects makes the creation and implementation of the Industrial Internet possible now. A member of GE’s software sciences and analytics team, Rick Arthur, believes that “Exciting new advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence will augment human intuition and perception in interpreting the Big Data being generated through the myriad of scientific and Industrial Internet applications that have been emerging over the past years.” The excess of information being generated in our society today will be analyzed by the new technologies and knowledgeable people we have access to. The Industrial Internet will help to make “‘information more intelligent'” through the convergence of computers, people, and information.

Not only is it a smart idea to combine all of our resources in order to result in the most effective and informative data, the Industrial Internet concept will also have a large economic impact on society. According to a report from GE, “the Industrial Internet could add $15 trillion to global GDP by 2030. That level of growth could boost the average U.S. income by 40 percent.” An increase in our economy of that level is significant.

The idea of the Industrial Internet seems to be beneficial across several domains, so I am excited to keep up with the status of the construction and implementation of it. Perhaps there will be more surprising benefits to our society along the way, though the boost in the economy and increase in the intelligence of information seem pretty good to me.

To read the full article about the Industrial Internet, it can be accessed here:


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