Cloud Protection: Anti-virus Using The Cloud



As users begin moving data into the cloud, more information becomes available to everyone. This information can then be harnessed and used to benefit all of us. Panda Cloud Antivirus is one example of using this information for a good purpose; it uses what it calls “Collective Intelligence” and the cloud to receive up to date information about Trojans, viruses, and other security risks, then scans a user’s computer to look for these. It takes advantage of millions of users to match up security risks in real time, and handles more than 50,000 new samples per day. As long as a user is connected to the internet, and thus the cloud, they are able to detect viruses on their computer as the database is updated.

The video at the bottom of their page explains the program in simple, layman terms:

One issue with using this kind of cloud computing software is that if Panda’s servers are hacked or compromised, the user’s private data could become exposed. Ultimately, this depends on how secure the servers are, and the goodwill and trust from both the user and the company.


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