IBM’s Role in Healthcare Big Data

It has been widely known that IBM is one of the biggest companies that has been emphasizing much of its activity on analyzing big data and how to make good use of it. Healthcare is one of the biggest, if not the biggest field that has vast amounts of patiente data about their prescriptions, conditions, and medical history. The ability for companies such as IBM to take this data and make something good of it is a difficult yet necessary one. 

Recently, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology teamed up with IBM to work on Project Artemis, a flexible platform geared towards helping physicians make more efficient and better decisions for their patients. Using specially designed algorithms, Project Artemis is able to detect anomalies in data that doctors would not be able to on their own. This allows them to provide treatment for infants 24 hours quicker to fight an infection, which could be difference between life and death at that young age. Many organizations are now using Project Artemis for other infections that could be recognized in small anomalies in data. It is interesting to see how IBM is really using Big Data and apply it to real life situations, in this case saving infants lives.

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1 Response to IBM’s Role in Healthcare Big Data

  1. sterlinc says:

    This is awesome. However I wonder how is encrypted data in a field such as this, protected against the people who created the algorithms. For instance, the Playstation Network went down for a month an a half at least last year because someone who was doing something unethical got fired from Sony. In retaliation, this person hacked the networked and peoples personal info for a short time. Thankfully Sony stopped the hack before major damage was done to alot of its customers. Yet who would be able to prevent an IBM programmer from hacking into the database of a hospital? That is the Question!

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