Social Media and Quality

Companies have all jumped on the band wagon (all puns intended) of social media in trying to advertise and attack more business, which in turn, leads to more profit. Thanks to this, people from all walks of life are by mobile technology to keep of with what there fans or customers say about them in real-time. However with so many opinions coming from all over the place, it has been difficulty to narrow down the opinions one needs to hear. After reading an online article from called “Artificial Intellegence Knows When People Are Tweeting About You” by Alex Knapp, I have discovered a new app called Amplify.

Amplify is an app created by the social media marketer Salorix, which main purpose is to search social media for conversations related to  a companies business. In addition, Amplify searches for conversations that are relevant to the products and services a company provides, giving the company more marketing opportunities.

“Amplify is an artificial intelligence operating with ‘supervised machine learning.’ It bases its criteria for locating relevant conversations based on scores given to hundreds of thousands of tweets that have been read through by humans. Based on how the humans scored their relevance, the program can then use that as a basis for improving its performance. Customers can then continue to fine tune it as the program works for them.”

Amplify has also took into account how people talk about a product as well as the context in which a company and/or its product is discussed.

After reading this article I found Amplify to sound like an amazing tool.  However I wonder that since business owners are going to be listening to the opinions and criticisms of their consumers, how is it going to be used? Will business owners use this as a way to make a quality product, or will it just go with what is in high demand and be only concerned about profit, and keep making upgrade after upgrade shortly after they just released a new product, like Apple does with the iPhone(lol)?

That is the Question.

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