Technology and Its Role in the Environment

For the past few years I have been constantly hearing and seeing and hearing things about the environment.  I have been taking environmental classes here at the University of Michigan, and have even done some land conservation. However I feel as if with even all the “buzz” that goes on about the environment, there is still work to be done in becoming more “green friendly”.

The biggest thing that anyone can do to help society at large on any issue is to “think globally, and act locally”, as I once read in an article for my environmental studies course this year. That brings me to the fact that there are a things that we as the people are able to do, and have been doing locally. We have places where batteries and old cell phones are being recycled along with the standard recycling of paper, plastic, and metal, and glass.

However if there is enough money and resources to go around to make our lives more convenient here in America, then there is the same amount of money and resources to make things more green friendly. Yet why is it the things that are green friendly, always have to be so expensive?

This past year, there was a proposition called prop 3. It was a proposition that would have more businesses and societal infrastructures become more “green friendly”. However it was turned down. Come to find out, most people I know voted no because they felt  they would have to make a financial sacrifice. Yet, I myself voted for it because in spite of a possible financial sacrifice, it would create more jobs. I feel that people would have to be hired in order to make prop 3 happen, and therefore, in the long run, it would help the economy.

We are always presented with environmental issues being a case about money rather than opportunity. And if we have such technological advances to do so many things now, wouldn’t it make sense to use technology lessen the financial burden?


What do you think?

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