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Big Data Revolution Infographic

I found this interesting infographic showing that there were 1.8 zettabytes of data last year, and it will quadruple by 2015. Also, it shows that the high demand of data scientists by 2018. “Unless you’ve been living under a rock, … Continue reading

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Big Data – Fidelity Investments: Thinking Big

I was on Twitter when I came across an advertisement from Fidelity Investments stating: The video pretty much explains why companies need big data.

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World Science Festival: Internet Everywhere

A talk about the Internet at the World Science Festival with Vinton Cerf, Neil Gershenfeld, Elizabeth Stark, and Alex Wright. Disruptive technologies uproot culture, can precipitate wars and even topple empires. By this measure, human history has seen nothing like the Internet. Pioneers … Continue reading

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How to Make a Dead Drop

‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. USB flash drives are embedded into walls, buildings and curbs accessible to anybody in public space. Everyone is invited to drop or find files on a … Continue reading

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Deep inside a Google Data Center

I read this article about one of Google’s data center  a while back ago, but never had a chance to scan it in until now. It’s by Steven Levy from the November 2012 edition of Wired Magazine. Also, you can … Continue reading

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Middleware in the Wine Industry

The wine industry is a worldwide network, supplying people with a variety of wines from California to France to Italy to New Zealand. To enjoy a glass of Burgundy wine from eastern France in Michigan, it requires an infrastructure to … Continue reading

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blog 1

“The research enterprise of a leading academic institution is a complex system of human, physical and digital infrastructures that functions to support the production of new knowledge and the advancement and training of research practitioners.” I agree with the notion … Continue reading

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