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Pirate of Cyberinfrastructure

A friend sent me this article by a Michigan SI professor (which is a companion piece to this.  Both are rather long but are very interesting) after overhearing me discuss cyber-infrastructure.  It provides an interesting philosophical slant on the big data revolution … Continue reading

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Google Global Database

Google, a few months ago, released a paper detailing the infrastructure surrounding their new database technology, Spanner.  Spanner allows for databases that span multiple datacenters hubs. Like most of the new tech we discussed over the semester, Spanner will be … Continue reading

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Now is the Winter of AI’s discontent

Artificial intelligence is one of the burgeoning industries that big data will provide with many helpful technological improvements.  However, how much will increased computational power provide to an industry that has made very few ground breaking developments in its several … Continue reading

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Online Advertising Data and You

You may not know about BlueKai but boy does it know a lot about you.  The consumer data bundling website is detailed in a really interesting article in the NYT about bunded online consumer data.  It raises some pretty interesting … Continue reading

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If the computer industry got a do-over, what should it do differently? Is computer architecture too complex to be revolutionized? Several of our reading’s have mentioned the absurdity of the fact that despite constant and consistent innovation in almost every other area of computation, the basic structure of computers has not … Continue reading

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“Those Unconscionable Maps”

Maps have always been indispensable references materials.  Commerce, science and personal transportation would be irrevocably more difficult without them.  Though we take it as a given now that we can plug in our destination’s address and will be shepherded there by a … Continue reading

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A Research Enterprise?

“The research enterprise of a leading academic institution is a complex system of human, physical and digital infrastructures that functions to support the production of new knowledge and the advancement and training of research practitioners.” Though I thoroughly agree with … Continue reading

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