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Data to Information Infographic

I’ve been on a little bit of an infographic kick today (yes, I know I just posted one about big data on here). I use infographics on a website for middle school age girls to explain some topics in STEM, … Continue reading

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Big Data in Higher Education

I came across this infographic about Big Data in higher education today.  I thought it was really interesting and fits well with the topics we discussed in class, so I figured I’d share it on our blog! One thing that … Continue reading

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Same title, different perspectives

This class has been particularly interesting for me because of how much it paralleled my internship this past summer at Ford.  I mentioned in an earlier blog post about touring the data center there. I was also fortunate enough to … Continue reading

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Facebook Breakups Chart

Recently when I was browsing online, I came across this chart.  The graph depicts breakup frequency gathered by using data collected from Facebook relationship statuses.  The graph kind of reminds me of something like a Google Analytics graph that charts … Continue reading

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How much storage do I need?

I recently came across this article called:  How much storage do I really need on my smartphone?  I found the article on CNET and the title reminded me of some of the calculations we did in class, so I opened … Continue reading

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Reaction to Data Center Tour

It was interesting to learn that the University of Michigan has a Data Center.  This was something I hadn’t really thought about before, but it makes sense that a university that produces so much data would need a secure place … Continue reading

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Middleware in Job Seeking

 It’s that time of year again where most University of Michigan students are freshening up their resumes and heading out to many of the various career fairs on campus.  Students are looking for jobs and internships and companies are looking … Continue reading

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