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Big Data: The World’s Nervous System

This article referenced below addresses many of the overarching concerns that big data has placed on society today, such as issues of data scope, data integrity, and user data privacy concerns.  Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer had a particularly interesting outlook on … Continue reading

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The Many Clouds of Cloud Computing

What comes to mind upon hearing the words “cloud computing”?  The term “cloud” was first introduced as a metaphor for the Internet, and the structural incorporation of information in an online environment.  Through increasing participation and an expansion of familiarity … Continue reading

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What Women Want

After reading the Educase article about women CIOs in Higher Education, I started to think about women in the Information Technology field.  This is a topic that I had not given much thought prior to reading this article, but in … Continue reading

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The “Human Element” in Big Data and Predictive Analytics

  In this class, we’ve talked a lot about how “big data” is now the new big thing, and it certainly creates a buzz in conversation these days.  In our final projects, we are getting exposure to using and manipulating … Continue reading

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Summarizing 6 Lies About Big Data

Considering the effect big data has made on society today, I think it’s important to inform people of society’s misconceptions concerning the amount of data we have and the processes we’ve implemented to use such data.  Michael Healey points out … Continue reading

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Big Data and Online Profiling

As we enter into a new data-intensive society, where are we headed?  What can “big data” do for society?  We have seen examples of how big data is revolutionizing science across multiple fields.  I encourage you to think about the … Continue reading

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Processing Lab: Group BigFatRain Sketches Reflection

Group BigFatRain has two sketches, which all four of us worked on together.  Both of our sketches were motivated by rotation interaction.  The main control variables are a feature that allows the images in our sketches to follow the user-operated … Continue reading

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