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Man, they think of everything

A while back, a watch came to the market that could measure your sleep cycles. This watch tracked your pulse while you were asleep. Rather than setting a time to be woken up at, such as 0600, you would set … Continue reading

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Meanwhile…at the gym

Yesterday I was at the gym minding my own business when two EECS majors began talking about the evolution of computer dependance. One of the guys started talking about how he hated learning cursive and how it was pointless because … Continue reading

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Who Says Computer Scientists Can’t be Funny?

Twitter CEO and University of Michigan Alumni visited last week to speak about the history of twitter. Dick Costello graduated from The University of Michigan, in ’85 with a Computer Science degree, at the time, an LS&A degree called computer and … Continue reading

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DoD Offers new Scholarship for those entering US Navy Cyber warfare community

Historically, the Department of Defense has offered a few options for Naval Reserve Officers Corps scholarship students. These scholarships have been awarded to students who intend to earn an undergraduate degree in STEM fields. Upon graduation, these students enter the … Continue reading

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“Microsoft Seeks an Edge in Analyzing Big Data”

The New York Times released an interesting article yesterday, 29 OCT 2012 on Big Data Eric Horivitz entered the Microsoft research team as an MD with a Ph.D. in Computer science. His goal was to build a predictive software that … Continue reading

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Processing Lab: Rocket Launch

By: Kyle McMeekin and Sarah Huston For our processing lab project we decided to make a game called Rocket Launch.  We were inspired by the bouncing balls example found in Processing and from this we sought out to design a … Continue reading

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Middleware of the USS Enterprise

“It was like watching a finely choreographed dance, as they sent off one set of jets and then recovered a returning group. The speed at which this was all done was quite amazing” ( The USS Enterprise (CVN 65) was … Continue reading

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