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The Future of Publishing Houses

An article I recently read on TechCrunch, recently argued that as self publishing becomes increasingly easier, it may be better to create an ebook platform than writing a book! As the number of books being written constantly increases, and the average … Continue reading

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Cloud Computing in 2013

As 2013 quickly approaches, big business are beginning to look into how they can incorporate cloud computing technology into their everyday operations for the upcoming year. A recently posted article on GigaOm discussed what we can expect to see in … Continue reading

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Understanding Big Data

As the term Big Data continues to be thrown around more and more in today’s society, theres an increasingly larger portion of the population that doesn’t truly understand Big Data and how it can be utilized. Mixpanel analytics, however, is … Continue reading

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The Problem With Online Identities

In the intro survey we had to do for this class, one of the questions asked us how many online identities we had. I answered the question with more than 20, as was probably the answer for most of us … Continue reading

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Big Data at Arizona State University

One of the most interesting uses of Big Data on college campuses is at Arizona State University, which is the largest University in the country based off total students. Arizona State University uses big data to help ensure students stay … Continue reading

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Big Data in Commercial and Retail Banking

Commercial banking’s next big opportunity might be in Big Data as it should be able to improve current risk management and fraud detection techniques as well as improve marketing and customer loyalty. Before explaining how, it is important to understand … Continue reading

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Middleware in the US Political System

The United States political system has come under great scrutiny. Many view the system as gridlocked. Some even view it as “dysfunctional and broken“. The Republican dominated House of Representatives is holding tough against Obama and the Democrat dominated senate-refusing … Continue reading

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