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The Evolution of Technology

  This is a really interesting video about the evolution of technology and information. The video was first released in 2008, almost four years ago, but I think the facts and ideas presented are still incredibly relevant. One of the … Continue reading

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Your Personal Details in Cyberspace

It’s no surprise that websites today have access to information that identifies us, but what is shocking is the amount of access they have, and how much of this information is then passed on to other companies and websites. A quick … Continue reading

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Mobile Security Infographic

Internet security is important, but with the introduction of “smart” mobile devices, another aspect of our identities become susceptible to additional security threats and vulnerabilities. In this day and age, criminals no longer need to have physical access to your … Continue reading

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Google Zeitgeist: What Our Data Tells Us About Us

l What is Google Zeitgeist? And why does it matter? Over the past decade or so, Google has become a huge part of our lives. Whenever we run into any problems, whether technical, educational, personal, etc, many of us immediately … Continue reading

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Cyberspace Identities: The Psychology Behind Online Identity Management

I found an interesting article today titled the Psychology of Cyberspace, as seen in the Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies. The article talks about the psychology behind online identity management and the way we present ourselves online versus in real … Continue reading

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Cloud Protection: Anti-virus Using The Cloud

  As users begin moving data into the cloud, more information becomes available to everyone. This information can then be harnessed and used to benefit all of us. Panda Cloud Antivirus is one example of using this information for a … Continue reading

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The Infrastructure of Illegal Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is a global illicit black market dedicated to the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and sale of prohibited drugs. Among the drugs commonly traded through these black markets are cannabis, heroin, and methamphetamines. Alongside oil and arms, drugs are one … Continue reading

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