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Menacing Malware: Stuxnet

A while back I read an extremely interesting article about computer malware called “Stuxnet”.  This was a virus, that most believed was designed by some nation, that interrupted Iran’s nuclear program.  It was so well designed that it took computer … Continue reading

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Part 2: Glaciers from Space

I had posted a previous blog about the lighting seen around the world from outer space.  I am back at it again with more images, however these deal with glaciers.  I found this particularly interesting especially since global warming has been a … Continue reading

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Earth At Night

I came across this video (attached below) that shows earth at night.  It uses new aerospace technologies to detect various light sources across the globe.  The aerospace instrument can detect electricity from massive cities such as New York as well … Continue reading

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Open Source Cure for Brain Cancer

As I was reading the news, I stumbled across a very interesting article pertaining to open source medical records.  More specifically, the article was about a man named Salvatore Iaconesi whom was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.  The article gives insight into … Continue reading

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North Campus Data Center

I have to start by saying I was completely blown away by the trip to the data center on north campus.  For some reason it was not as I expected.  I am not sure if other individuals feel the same … Continue reading

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Infrastructure of the National Football League

Middleware in the NFL Professional sporting leagues expand worldwide and generate billions of dollars a year.  Fanatic fan bases can be found across the world and for many individuals, cities, and countries a sport’s team can generate a sense of … Continue reading

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Blog #1 – Kyle McMeekin

Initially I believed this statement was an accurate and concise way to summarize what an academic institution could accomplish with a successful research enterprise. The human, physical, and digital infrastructures certainly need to be present in order to support the … Continue reading

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