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Big Data Fights Crime

Recently, the Memphis Police Department has been successful in reducing crime after launching Blue CRUSH (Crime Reduction Utilizing Statistical History) in collaboration with the University of Memphis. Blue CRUSH allows the department to look at a radius and determine how likely crimes are to … Continue reading

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Predicting Trending Topics

Twitter users will be familiar with the term “Trending Topics”. The site displays phrases or hashtags that are being used in a high number of posts. While many may think that trending topics appear quickly, and often disappear just as … Continue reading

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Data Mining Targets Undecided Voters

Data mining can be used for many things, and this year, not surprisingly, it’s being used to target undecided voters. This article talks about the first hand experience of someone who’s experienced this — “Every time Nella Stevens logs on to … Continue reading

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Processing Lab

Our processing sketch contains balls which can move around the workspace. The space is initially set to contain only one ball, although the user can use the “n” key to add more. If left alone, the balls will simply bounce … Continue reading

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Middleware within the Health Care Infrastructure

One example of infrastructure is the health system. The system is made up of many parts – patients, doctors, hospitals, medications, and many others. Each of these different aspects can be considered to be a top element, a bottom element, … Continue reading

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Research Enterprise

The research enterprise of a leading academic institution is a complex system of human, physical and digital infrastructures that functions to support the production of new knowledge and the advancement and training of research practitioners. When reading this statement, the … Continue reading

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