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Anonymous Data Isn’t so Anonymous After All

How anonymous is anonymous data? This question seems absurd, but it turns out that anonymous data isn’t always unidentifiable. For example, when the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission (GIC) in the mid 1990’s released anonymized data on state employees that showed … Continue reading

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Meridith Kahn and Scholarly Communication

Today, Publishing Services and Outreach Librarian Meredith Kahn spoke to the class about scholarly communication in the digital age. In the world of academia, scholarly publishing is one of the most sensitive and discussed issues. Despite the fact that three … Continue reading

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Big Data is Hugely Important to Riot Games

When thinking about big data off the top of your head, you think Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, major social networks, online retailers, and online services, but what about gaming? Video games and the gaming industry are constantly changing and … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Information

Information today can be abstract, mundane, and impersonal since it has found its new home within the vast realm of technology. Numbers and code on a computer screen are preconceived notions that characterize the buzzword “big data” today if explained … Continue reading

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North Campus Data Center: Bigger than Words

Cyber science buzz words are quite abstract and ephemeral to many people. Words like “cloud computing” and “big data” can seem like entities in technology that do not manifest themselves in the public realm even though they influence everything we … Continue reading

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Lucas Zaima Post #2

The Movie Industry and Middleware                 The movie industry is a massive industry that brings in billions of dollars each year. Not only does it bring in massive amounts of revenue, the movie industry is predicted to grow for the … Continue reading

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Blog #1: Lucas Zaima

The research enterprise of a leading academic institution is a complex system of human, physical and digital infrastructures that functions to support the production of new knowledge and the advancement and training of research practitioners.      At first glance, … Continue reading

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