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Motivation: The 4th wheel in the expansion of Big Data (Warning: May contain blunt pessimism)

Based on our readings throughout this course, one thing is pretty clear: Big Data can do a lot of things which would better humanity.  The big examples in The Fourth Paradigm is that weather could one day become easier to predict, … Continue reading

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Datacenter Reaction

Already in this blog, the n+1 provisions have been discussed, perhaps most of all.  It was certainly important to be there, the Datacenter has a very important job, with many things on the line, including, considering its use in medicine, … Continue reading

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UNIVAC: 60 years later

These past few weekends, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about historic elections: 1896, the birth of the economically left Democratic Party; 1912, 1924, 1948, 1968 and 1992, the races with formidable 3rd party candidates; and of course, the Reagan … Continue reading

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Google Groups: X-info For Historians?

While doing today’s reading about the growth of popularity of the internet, I was reminded of the old Usenet threads that one can find on Google Groups.  Google Groups is a Google service which has kept Usenet bulletin boards alive by saving … Continue reading

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North Korea Takes Advantage of Open Source in Tablet Release

One of my hobbies is North Korea-watching; seeing how a dictatorship cut off from the rest of the world evolves segregated from the rest of the world.  Historically, interesting scientific and technological developments that would not be seen in freer … Continue reading

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The Interstate Highway System and Potential Middlewares

In order to figure out a possible Infrastructure that is easily relatable to the Networks of Cyber-Infrastructure, I decided to look at something that was similar to a Computer Network, not necessarily closer in structure from the other examples, but … Continue reading

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Deconstruction Reflection

I really enjoyed the Deconstruction Project because I think it’s essential to understand the Hardware involved in a computer beyond the RAM and the Hard Drive.  (Both of which were removed from our computer.)  It certainly helped that I am … Continue reading

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