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Anything associated with middleware, the subject of our second posting assignment.

Lucas Zaima Post #2

The Movie Industry and Middleware                 The movie industry is a massive industry that brings in billions of dollars each year. Not only does it bring in massive amounts of revenue, the movie industry is predicted to grow for the … Continue reading

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Middleware in Job Seeking

 It’s that time of year again where most University of Michigan students are freshening up their resumes and heading out to many of the various career fairs on campus.  Students are looking for jobs and internships and companies are looking … Continue reading

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‘Middleware’ in the Recycling Process

The practice of recycling materials within a system in order to conserve resources is not governed by one group, but maintained by a diverse, worldwide network. Recycling is becoming more and more important because it saves energy, keeps the environment … Continue reading

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Infrastructure of the National Football League

Middleware in the NFL Professional sporting leagues expand worldwide and generate billions of dollars a year.  Fanatic fan bases can be found across the world and for many individuals, cities, and countries a sport’s team can generate a sense of … Continue reading

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Middleware of a Library

Due to my interest in libraries I decided to apply this week’s blog post about middleware to such an institution. In a library infrastructure, the bottom level component or “application program” would be the various media items that a library … Continue reading

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Infrastructure of the automotive industry

The automotive industry has traditionally been highly important to the global economy both in terms of the goods that it provides and the jobs that it allows for. It directly contributed 3.6 percent to the GDP of the United States … Continue reading

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Middleware in the Wine Industry

The wine industry is a worldwide network, supplying people with a variety of wines from California to France to Italy to New Zealand. To enjoy a glass of Burgundy wine from eastern France in Michigan, it requires an infrastructure to … Continue reading

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The Infrastructure of Illegal Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is a global illicit black market dedicated to the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and sale of prohibited drugs. Among the drugs commonly traded through these black markets are cannabis, heroin, and methamphetamines. Alongside oil and arms, drugs are one … Continue reading

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Middleware in the Apache Server

A server for hosting websites has many layers. First is the web server software that deals with connecting to the internet, listening for requests for a website, and running some program to fulfill its request. The program has to know … Continue reading

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The Interstate Highway System and Potential Middlewares

In order to figure out a possible Infrastructure that is easily relatable to the Networks of Cyber-Infrastructure, I decided to look at something that was similar to a Computer Network, not necessarily closer in structure from the other examples, but … Continue reading

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