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Meredith Kahn visit

I enjoyed today’s visit from Meredith Kahn and learning more about the future of publishing and copyright.  The publishing industry has probably been more disrupted than any other by the advent of the Internet and it will be interesting to … Continue reading

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If the computer industry got a do-over, what should it do differently? Is computer architecture too complex to be revolutionized? Several of our reading’s have mentioned the absurdity of the fact that despite constant and consistent innovation in almost every other area of computation, the basic structure of computers has not … Continue reading

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The Many Clouds of Cloud Computing

What comes to mind upon hearing the words “cloud computing”?  The term “cloud” was first introduced as a metaphor for the Internet, and the structural incorporation of information in an online environment.  Through increasing participation and an expansion of familiarity … Continue reading

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Open Source Cure for Brain Cancer

As I was reading the news, I stumbled across a very interesting article pertaining to open source medical records.  More specifically, the article was about a man named Salvatore Iaconesi whom was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.  The article gives insight into … Continue reading

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Zbox4 construction

Over the past decade, my colleagues in Zurich have built several computing clusters dedicated to performing cosmological simulations. Here’s a video showing how their latest cluster, the zBox4, was put together in just a couple of days.

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Motivation: The 4th wheel in the expansion of Big Data (Warning: May contain blunt pessimism)

Based on our readings throughout this course, one thing is pretty clear: Big Data can do a lot of things which would better humanity.  The big examples in The Fourth Paradigm is that weather could one day become easier to predict, … Continue reading

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Retailers Hope Big Data Drives Big Holiday Sales

Here’s an interesting article from ZDNet  describing how big data analytics could affect the upcoming holiday sales:, according to the article, the idea of retailers utilizing big data analytics to reveal crucial information about their consumer bases has recently … Continue reading

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What Women Want

After reading the Educase article about women CIOs in Higher Education, I started to think about women in the Information Technology field.  This is a topic that I had not given much thought prior to reading this article, but in … Continue reading

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Who Says Computer Scientists Can’t be Funny?

Twitter CEO and University of Michigan Alumni visited last week to speak about the history of twitter. Dick Costello graduated from The University of Michigan, in ’85 with a Computer Science degree, at the time, an LS&A degree called computer and … Continue reading

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The “Human Element” in Big Data and Predictive Analytics

  In this class, we’ve talked a lot about how “big data” is now the new big thing, and it certainly creates a buzz in conversation these days.  In our final projects, we are getting exposure to using and manipulating … Continue reading

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